The game’s concept is to be successively a horse stable owner, jockey and bet on races. This game targets real horse racing enthusiasts as well as casual horse amateurs.

Horse Racing Manager integrates three different types of gaming experience more or less linked to each other depending on the player’s choices: bets, the financial management of a stable and the control of horses during races.

It allows managing the finances of a stable by letting the gamer decide upon the new equipment investments (training facilities, new staff, new land...) and the purchases and breeding of new horses. You are free to create your own lineage by selecting and breeding champions to obtain the best racing horse of all times !

Horse Racing lets you participate in 4 race types (gallop, obstacles...) over more than 100 "tracks" worldwide. It is possible to participate in real time races by controlling your horse yourself. You will have to handle his strengths and weaknesses, and manage his speed and energy while keeping track of your opponents, the climatic conditions and the field type.

The world of horse racing is closely linked to betting. Thus, you will be allowed to bet on all types of races (national and international). Thanks to a detailed statistic system, you will have all the tools to analyze over 5 000 horses. This could be a great help to reach new heights more rapidly or your undoing if you lose everything !

The gamer has the opportunity to participate in all three game modes (owner, jockey, bets) or just in some of them depending on his centres of interest. Horse Racing Manager can be played in solo mode or multiplayer over a LAN or the internet.

The Stable


This section presents the management side of the game. Its interest and its replay ability are guaranteed by the many financial and training options offered to the gamer as well as the unlimited breeding possibilities to create one’s own champion. These three core elements guarantee that each new game will be a different experience.

The Stable Owner

The player assumes the role of stable owner who is the main character in this part of the game. He takes all the decisions regarding his stable whether financial or sports-related. Owners can go bankrupt due to poor management.

The player must manage his budget to keep his stable afloat. He can invest to improve his infrastructures such as new training tracks, various buildings, pastures, transportation means… He also can invest in new staff such as trainers, veterinary surgeons and jockeys.

The owner is also responsible for the purchasing new horses and the "negotiation of breeding" to bring the best horses to his stable. To acquire new champions, he can visit other stables, participate in the numerous annual sales and eventually purchase yearlings off claimers. When the stable earns a few wins, it will be possible to start the breeding process to create a lineage. The owner will have to identify the ideal couple with complementary qualities with the best chances to give birth to a great champion.

Revenues are provided by wins, horse sales and breeding negotiations. The player has the opportunity to offer services to other stable owners such as boarding.


Each horse is characterized by a variety of ratings and traits such as its name, age, sex, colour, race, lineage, owner and value (which varies based on results).

For each horse, you must find the optimum food mix, take appointments with the shoeing-marshall and the vet in order to improve the physical condition of the horse and the training effectiveness.

The physical ratings are useful to evaluate a horse’s strengths and weaknesses. Such ratings are resistance (workload), endurance (for long races), power, acceleration, speed, regularity and discipline. In addition, each horse has a hidden potential which allows it to improve through training and races. This potential can also be limited to some ratings.

During the race itself, the player must also take into account some other traits such as racing preferences (upfront, in the pack, preferred track type, etc...).

Training & Races

The owner must register his horses to a variety of races over the course of the year by taking into account the quality of the opposition, the track type, the prizes offered to winners and the fatigue level of each horse.

Five types of races can be accessed: gallop, hurddules races and the two trot disciplines.

The player must also manage the training of his horses to make them improve. The training intensity level has to be closely monitored to achieve optimal results and avoid injuries.


This is a major element in the world of horse racing. Each stable is characterized by its fame which depends on its race results. Depending on this fame, an owner benefits from bonuses to purchase or sell new horses, negotiate trainer and jockey contracts and find a great stallion for his best mare. This fame ranks from unknown to emblematic figure.

Each fame level corresponds to a number of points gained by the owner during races over the year.

The Races

General Informations

This section presents the action part of the game. The player takes on the role of jockey before, during and after the race. Before the race, he must analyze his opponents, the climatic conditions, etc... During the race, he has to adapt to many elements to earn the win.


Horse Racing lets the gamer race on 100 of the most prestigious horse racing tracks worldwide. Besides their visual aspect, each track has a variety of characteristics making each unique like the surface type (grass, dirt), the track’s state (sloppy...) or wind exposition.

Jockey & Horse

The player can hire a jockey to ride his horse during the race. This choice has a major impact on the races as each jockey has his own ratings and unique personality traits which can be a good or bad fit with the horse’s preferences.

The main jockey information and ratings are his name, weight, height, horse’s control type (harsh, neutral, soft), favourite type of race (fast, slow), motivation, adaptability, luck, career results, latest results. Of course, the best jockeys are also the most expensive.

In addition to intrinsic ratings, additional elements must be taken into account to evaluate a horse before each race. Such elements are his fitness, his reaction towards his jockey, and his favourite position within the pack, his favourite type of race and his favourite field conditions...

During the Race

Each race lasts between 1 minute and a half and 4 minutes.
During the race, the player must manage a good start and then take into account of its opponents and of the general unfolding of the race. He will manage his position in the pack and the horse’s energy, handle the obstacle jumps, keep his horse at trot during such races, try to take advantage of wind protection and sprint for victory.

To assist the player in this phase, a detailed interface with all the needed information has been implemented without overloading the screen. It displays the race time, total and remaining length, a position scanner, the horse’s speed, energy level, required effort and the wind direction, jockey's focus.


Once the race is over, a table is displayed to show the final standings and race times.


The player can bet on the next race’s results. To improve his winning chances, he can analyze various information resources.

The Race

The race and track presentation provides some basic but vital information.

You need to analyze the track layout, the surface, the length of the race and then discover which horse such race conditions favor.


It is possible to analyze the latest results of all the competitors as well as their basic ratings. Among these results:
* Gains this season
* Career gains
* Number of races, wins and final positions

Last News

This section can provide key information for young horses with little racing experience as it gives an idea of the potential of a horse.

Furthermore, you learn the weather and track conditions, elements which help analyze each horse's chances.

Professional Opinion

The player can also collect information and opinions on the upcoming races from the press or tipsters. You will have to find the good information hidden among all rumors. You may uncover real tips which will help you win big by betting on horses which were not among the favorites.


General Information

Internet multiplayer games are handled through gamespy.

The user can create or join a game in "Race" mode or "Betting" mode.

It is possible to import horses that have been trained in the stable mode.

The user who creates the game will choose the options he wants ("Jockey" mode or "Betting" mode, the available races).

No one will be admitted in the game after the server will have validated it.


Each gamer is given a certain amount of money that he can use for betting as he sees fit. The races will take place based at a regular pace to provide everyone with enough time to gather information.

There is a maximum time to bet, similar to the solo mode.

Race Mode

The user participates to a meeting (3 to 12 races). He will have to choose, in a selected list, the horse he wants to ride and the jockey he wants to impersonate. Achieving certain goals in the career mode will allow you to unlock horses and jockeys for the multiplayer mode.

Only the prestigious meeting will be available in the multi player game.

During the races, the player will have to manage the same elements that in the solo "Race" mode. A classification depending on the profits of each better will be publishing after each race during the meeting.

Chat Online

Users have access to a chat interface allowing discussing with the entire group.