As some of you know, I play Winning Post and Gallop Racer 2001 too.

Anyway, Final Stretch is the only computer game I play at the moment.

I started the game off by boarding horses and expanding my stable to the max number of horse stalls possible. I took in horses for over 2 years in game time. As usual I was checking the ads for horses to board and checking the for sale ads. I saw a Group 1 National horse for sale. Looked at him, and decided to try him out. He won his race and got promoted to Group 1 International. Since then he has won 11 Group 1 International races and banked over $5 million. Right now his career earnings stand at $5,914,186.

His stats are not good compared to the horses usually available at auction. His main stats are 78.3 73.9 74.8 40.2 89.7 44.1. His endurance is 71.8

His name is Kentucky Principle and he is now 8 years old.

Right now I have $3,393,588 and three horses worth a total of $4,750,000 in my barn. I purchased two horses at the auction. One is now 3 and has two wins in 2 starts. She's now worth $2,280,000.

All my horses are harness racers. It's the first game I've seen that has harness racing. I plan on branching out into gallopers by purchasing one at the next auction.

My question .... at what age are horses retired?