Trying to be a jockey on this game is driving me CRAZY! I only just recently branched off into Thoroughbreds so the main core of my racers are Standardbreds. I've got this really nice filly... and every time I drive her in a race, I always get DQ'd just because I hit her with the whip in the stretch. In one race I even tried just following what the leader did and I still got DQ'd in the stretch because she keeps breaking stride. I swear, it seems impossible to win a harness race. It's so FRUSTRATING! I've not tried riding one of my TBs in a race yet since I just acquired two.

Anyone know how to drive a harness race? Gallop Racer is so easy compared to this game but then again, those were Standardbreds that I've been trying to drive. Gallop Racer doesn't have harness racing.

For you guys not familiar with Standardbred racing, breaking stride occurs when a horse breaks into a gallop from the extended pace or trot he/she races at. Breaking stride is always an automatic DQ.