Pro Cycling Manager is not just about its management piece. It allows us to fully experience the intensity of the races through its real-time simulation mode. It is up to you to implement the best strategies through a panel of complete tactics options (managing the efforts of your racers, replenishments, attack phases, leader protection, competitor monitoring, etc.) and involve yourself completely with your racers according to the situation in order to gain the victory.

In-race gameplay has also been improved by the introduction of a day-by-day system to allow grace periods for racers, depending upon them and their assigned positions. By the effort each racer puts forth, this in-race information makes it possible to build noticeable suspense, as it could tip the balance for a stage.

There is also a new transfer system: “observe”. This makes it possible to gather necessary information about the quality of a racer’s participation by the level of observation obtained on a scale from 1 to 5. You can’t attack or defend yourself during observation, but the player can always click to react to the observed racer’s attack while launching a counter-attack, but beware… A racer can observe only one opponent at a time, and the others are then able to surprise you. If you consider the many improvements to the racers’ AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the tactical richness within races, Pro Cycling Manager / Tour de France 2007 places you at the heart of professional cycling to experience the many highlights and great intensity of the 2007 season.