Pro Cycling Manager / Tour de France 2007 invites you to direct one of 60 official teams during one season, bursting with more than 180 international competitions. You experience the day-to-day life of a sports manager and thereby participate in developing race tactics and strategies as well as in managing your team (transfers, contracts, training, media, equipment, etc).

To optimise your comfort within the management portion of game, the career mode interface has been completely redesigned. The directeurs sportifs will therefore discover a new navigation system that is simpler, more ergonomic, and more instinctive to use.

There is also a new transfer system. It was completely re-examined, cutting the season into three phases (3 in total) in order to avoid downtime. The new transfer period now takes place in between seasons and thus creates gameplay even when there is no race.

The virtual manager will have to face a much more competitive and aggressive AI (Artificial Intelligence) on the transfer market, which will lead to fierce battles to get the desired cyclist. The player will have to make his choices carefully and behave like a sports management professional, as it will be necessary to manage increasingly more complex human relationships in terms of the racers’ motivations, the leaders’ requirements, and the new budget system, which covers salaries, transfers, transportation, etc.

Finally, you must develop a strategy for each of the races by assigning a position (leader, team-mate, sprinter, etc.) to each of your racers. These positions play a crucial role because they affect the motivation of the racers and allow certain race tactics to play out (breakaway, economisation, working for the leader, etc.). The player is then notified on the results page of the effectiveness of their choices, allowing them to adjust or rethink their race strategy to reach the highest spot on the podium.