late to the party, but I had to find a copy of the game first

Is GR2004 the first Gallop Racer game that you have played? If not, what others have you played? GR06

What other horse racing games have you played? World Series Championship Horse Racing (aka Breeders Cup World Series) (PS2), HR Fan (online), various online race games (SHR, PF, TK)

What has been the best one that you have played to date? GR04 and PF, though GR 06 is a close second

How old are you? almost 31

Are you male or female? female

What city in the U.S. or other country do you live in? central KY, moving soon to FL

Are you married or have a girlfriend/boyfriend? semi-BF

Do they play horse racing games? he tried once after I got sick of him insulting it. GR 06 slaughtered him, now he's a cheerleader

Do you have children? If so do they play horse racing games? She's 5 so no, but she does have horsey games on her NDS

Are you a real horse racing fan? yes

What race courses and special races have you been to? none, but I'm working on it

Have you ever owned a race horse or any other kind of horse? Anglo-arab show hunter. Sis has OT TB mare and her unraced TB daughter

If you are a current owner, what are your plans for them? none owned currently

Do you plan on owning race horses in the future? yes, OT though

If you do plan on owning some, what will be your goals for them? depends on the horse; shows, trails, etc

What are some of your favorite movies? Star Trek 09, Gamer, Last Unicorn, Spirit. Frequency

What are some of your favorite TV shows? Boston Public, Star Trek (any and all, if only 'cause it's Trek), Black Stallion, Pokemon (I got hooked O_O)

What are some of your favorite books? Anything by Jonathan Kellerman, James Patterson, and John Sandford; Farley's Black Stallion series; Never Ending Story, Last Unicorn, Last Unicorn 2 (yes they were books first); La Morte d'Arthur, preferably in the original French; anything by Grisham, especially An Innocent Man.

What are you currently reading? Kellerman "Twisted" (2005 Ballantine ed.)

What are some of your favorite musicians/groups? Sister Hazel, New Kids on the Block, Metallica, AC/DC, Wierd Al

What are some other games that you like playing right now? see above, plus CounterStrike Source, anything Guitar Hero or Rock Band EXCEPT Beatles (yuck :P), Persona 3 FES

Would you consider joining the Lucky Seven League in early 2005?'s 2009, is it too late?

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