To start off my questions I wanted to tell a little about myself. I'm 20 years old and love horses and all the gallop racer games. I have been playing or years (well ever since they came out) I haven't been able to defeat the dream cup yet and claim happy plane but I have unlocked everything elts. So here's my questions 1. For looking at these forums I couldn't help notice some describing there horse stats being say for breeding one said (this horse) sats are 120/80 and the stallion was 19/10 and the foal ended up being 130/70. This calculation was random but I was wondering what they were meaning and how they did these calculations as I never knew of this before? 2. As I was reading about how more titles won by a horse the higher ratings the offspring will have like regular horse with no titles has 88% good potential for foal. I was wondering if anyone elt's knew of other things that raises the parent horses percentage of beastly foals. 3. How did some of you gamers manage to get horses with high stats ( speed,stamina, ect) over 99 percentage. Which horses did you breed to get them? 4. Has anyone had any luck with deep delight as a stud? He's done awesome for me for racing and earning just about every title , how do his foals look for stats? 5. Getting the right type of stats to use in hall of fame so I have better chances of beating the dream cup and unlocking happy plane? Strategies best horses to use? 7. Is there anything you prefer I try? Thank you all so much for the help