Many have wondered what has happened to me over the past few years.  Well, I have been playing Track King avidly now ever since November of 2007.  Colmodea is there as well.  The console horse racing genre fell off big time when Tecmo stopped producing Gallop Racer games as you know.  Will TecmoKoei knuckle down and take over where Tecmo left off, only time will tell.  Champion Jockey was a good start.  What would interest players would be more of a Gallop Racer style game from them or the Holy Grail of games, a English language version of Winning Post.  Yeah, I know, we have been clamoring for that many years now.

My time is limited which is why I am playing Track King instead of the Starter Orders series.  As much as I enjoy S.O., I just don't have the time that I used to, to grind out tons of game years playing in order to be competitive in the Starters Orders Pro League.  The only time that I actually did compete in that league was probably the first couple of years that I created it.  

At Track King I log on, set the training of all my horses in my barn for the week, set the training of my Apprentice Jockeys for the week, find the right League, Stakes or Cup races for my horses, then log off.  I log back on twice a week to watch my horses in the League, Stakes and Cup races, chat a little bit in the various forums, then log off again.  If I want to buy other players' horses, I log onto the Auction section and search for the appropriate horses and bid on them.  When the 3 day auctions are near to completion, I log on so I can defend my bids until closing.  Right now I have 10 horses in my barn, am training two Apprentice Jockeys (yes, training!) until they turn Pro and I also have a Pro Jockey that was once another one of my Apprentice Jockeys.   I have bred my mares with my own stallions and to many other players' great stallions.  We have a season for breeding and all players eagerly await the birth of their foals to see how well they have done.  There are running threads in the Global Forum for Week 1, Week 2 & Week 3 foals that all breeders contribute to.  And players also eagerly log on for training day each week, to see what attributes were increased for each of their horses.  I have created probably a hundred Stakes races for the Track King players over the years, plus sponsor a seasonal Cup race and a final race in the Australian 2yo Racing Series.  I don't send my own 2yos over there because of the distance of the travel each week.  If a U.S. 2yo Series ever gets created, I would certainly mine to that one.  There is a European 2yo Racing Series for any players who have their stables stationed over there.   My stable is located in the U.S. and Colm's is located somewhere in Europe.  

I invite any of you who would like to play a role playing horse racing browser game with players from all over the world, to please come over and create a stable.  You can play for free.  Would like to see more ORLWorld friends competing with us over there.      My username there is  Jimcougar and my stables' name is Kennedy Estates.  My stable is in the U.S. continent, my regional track is Rocky Mountains and my local track is Monterey.  If you come over drop my a note in my mailbox there.  Would love to see some of you start a stables at my local track.  Would be happy to be a Mentor to any of you in order to get grooved in well.  You just need to ask.

There is so much more that I could tell you, but I will start putting it in the new and old Track King forums.  Here are some new forums that I have created in the Track King section;

Track King Sponsored Cups

I will be adding new content to them and other new Track King forums every few days.

IMPORTANT And there are also some very exciting things coming to Track King that I have dreamed of for ORLWorld members for several years now.  I will be biting my nails until the day that I can announce them to you!

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