The League of Champions for Gallop Racer 2006 is about to Begin!

What is the League of Champions- The league of champions is an ORLworld league based on Gallop racer 2006

I don’t have GR2006 how does this concern me? – GR2006 has opened up a whole new area of game play. Surprisingly even if you don’t own the game you could still participate.

How can I play in the league of a game I don’t even own? – Got your attention now don’t I? Ok, well many of us have been waiting for a feature that GR2006 has and that is the exchange of horse files. You can as a stable bred horses, hire a trainer to run them and enter them into the league. You could buy horses for sale either at auction or straight up and enter them. The imagination is your only drawback on the ways you could find to join and run horses in the LOC.

Ok so you’ve gained my interest, I don’t have any money in the league. – Here again we are interested in making the ORLworld money you’ve earned through other league’s work for you. We here at the ORLworld would like to create a finance director position. This person would have the task of tracking money earned given certain restrictions decided upon by each league to enable any player to enter and join in the LOC and across any league if the game provides for it in the ORLworld. This all thanks to beancline.

I've bought a horse now what? this is the best part, you can actually bred it to some of the best horses. With the new gaming engine we can actually bred our horses to other members horse's and in fact that is being done as I write this.

OK so what do I have to do? – First off you need to join the LOC as a stable here. In the exhibition season we are allotting all stables 100K. Doesn’t sound like much I know but that gives you the ability to buy horses, bred horses and of course if you own the game you can exchange horses on your own. You can hire stables to run 2YO horse’s at auction if you so desire. The options are truly endless and as you come up with more and more ideas we will find ways to incorporate them.

I don’t want to do any of that is there anything else I can do? – I am putting together a plan to allow members of the ORLworld to sponsor races in the LOC.
Although I have a basic outline of how this would be done a member would have to be registered in the LOC forum.

I truly feel that this game’s potential is wide open and want to make this as much fun for all of the ORLmembers as possible. Are you wondering what to do with all that money you have earned from the leagues you’ve joined? We may just have the means for you to spend some of that money and in the process have a truly great time in a league we are striving to make as great as all the leagues you have either joined or wanted to join.

In conclusion I want to invite each and every member of the ORLworld to take a look at the League of Champions and watch all the exciting things we are developing for not only our members but for every member of the ORLworld.

Thanks for reading,

Nick Carroccio
Vice President
League of Champions