So in year 105 in the month of July, I looked up in the Neg List to see if there were any interesting horses. And there was. This 2-year-old chestnut colt named General Master interested me for four reasons.

1st reason: He was in the Special List classified as SS.
2nd reason: He was the most expensive horse to buy, about $124,000.
3rd reason: His leg type is shaded for the two back positions and brightly colored in the mid front position.
4th reason: His Course St is Good in Turf and Great in Dirt.

Okay, so I bought him and tested him out a little. And so far, this is what I've judge. First off, it's strange that he's Good in Turf and Great in Dirt when it should be turned around (Great in Turf and Good in Dirt, but I say he's Poor in Dirt). I raced him in an easy-win race that was Turf and he loved it. For his Feel to be at a low 28, I got a grade of A after he won the race. So then I raced him in a GI category race that was Dirt. He was a nut-ball when he broke the gates as his meter was all over the frickin place than it was last time and despite breaking out horribly with a grade of a C, he still won by a nose. image Hmm… interesting. Then I raced him again in a Turf race that was instead in a GI category race to see if the results would be the same as the last time he raced in a Turf race. And he did just as good in the Turf and his Feel was graded an A. image How bazaar is that?!

Before I bought him, I also checked out his abilities which were very doubtful at first. His Latent ability is Close Race NG, which as you know he doesn't do well in close races. image So, I'm guessing that means in the final stretch, he will not win if he's forced to go head-to-head with another horse. Obviously I make sure that he's not stuck in that position and so far he's done great in the final stretch. His Auto ability is Late Foot, meaning he may start out unwell which I learned in the race with Dirt, but still it doesn't make sense when he should do very well in Dirt!

The races I raced him in where in this order:

1st race: GIII (Category) BELLFLOW (Turf) 7.0F 1/14 (Finishing Position)

2nd race: GI (Category) LIQUOR S (Dirt) 8.5F 1/12 (Finishing Position)

3rd race: GI (Category) Y CROWN (Turf) 8.0F 1/14 (Finishing Position)

As a 2-year-old and next month entering as a 3-year-old, here is General Master's Trait List:

Speed: 90

Staying: 86

Stamina: 65

Power: 51

Breaking: 53

Feel: 28

Temper: 33

Guts: 26

Response: 52

Health: 45

Course St: T Gd D GT

Distance: 7.0F - 10.0F

Leg Type: >>>>

Gr Type: Average

I can't really see what's so great about him despite his interesting and wide-ranged Leg Type, plus his Course St being good in both areas, to have him be priced at $124,000. Maybe when he hits his Peek he'll show me some interesting surprises? image