hoping hairboy doesn't get mad at me for posting this here...JimCougar can take it down if he does....I just got it in my game box and it seemed important enough to share:

Cleaning up - Wed 28th Jan 09

After reading a recent thread in the Suggestions Forum, I've decided to take a more aggressive stance on what stables are classified as "inactive". There are almost 1,000 stables in the game right now that have not logged in for a lengthy period of time, and have not replied to repeated emails regarding their intentions. The vast majority of these stables are occupying positions in Classes 4 and 5.

Over the coming 24 hours, these stables will be removed from the game, which should re-invigorate some Stakes and lower League racing. Of course, the unfortunate side-effect is that the lovely "4,400" figure on the front page will be reduced for a while...but we'll keep promoting the game, advertising where we can, and hopefully will have that figure back in the not too distant future.