I have played the demo for the past week or so and I am mostly impressed with the game. Obviously it is great to be able to ride the likes of Spectacular Bid, Swaps, Affirmed, etc. I can't wait for the first file to be released shortly.

My main concerns revolve around the racing itself. I have found the races to be extremely "inside" friendly and I hope that it is just a reflection of the races being from Monmouth and Santa Anita. Perhaps they have the demo set very inside and speed favoring. For the jockey game to be fun however, I think the tracks are going to have to be a little more even playing.

Also, I have noticed that turning for home horses don't respond very well to being asked to move inside towards the rail. I understand a certain amount of natural drifting to be realistic but the controls just seem unresponsive around the final turn and it can lead to losing valuable time. I actually remember this being the case with the original game as well.

I'm only bringing this up since I assume the Horse Racing Fantasy guys will be interested in this stuff as they move forward. Overall, I can't wait for new files to be released and I think this is the most exciting PC game to come around for horse racing fans in a long, long time.