Q: I don't understand this game, what do I do?

A: Either read through the FAQ's and SIMformation pages, or take the our helpful walkthrough.

Q: How do I start this game?

A: Once you have been admited into the game, you need to start buying and racing horses. To do this, find a horse that is for sale on the Buy Horses page that is within your price range and buy it, or claim a horse out of a race.

Q: How are the winners chosen?

A: There is a formula for each horse, and you have to figure out what equipment/ distance/ surface/ track that horse runs well with. Each horse is different, and they also mature at different ages. Some are superb two-year-olds and some won't win until they are older. Up to three generations of pedigree are a huge factor in this formula.

Q: What is claiming?

A: Claiming is when you buy another owner's horse out of a race. There are different levels of claiming races, typically from $5,000 - $100,000. These "tags" are the sales prices of the horses in the race. When you place a claim, you are trying to buy the horse. If no one else placed a claim, the horse is yours once the race is over. If others tried to claim the horse, then the "winner" of the horse is randomly selected.

Q: Does shipping matter?

A: Shipping may have an impact on your horse's condition for a race, especially when shipping across continents, but also to a lesser extent when shipping across the United States. The timing of the shipping in relation to raceday will also impact how much or little the shipping affects the horse's condition. You must have shipped to the track by the time the race is run, or the horse will be scratched.

Q: When are the results/new races posted?

A: Results are posted at midnight between Friday night and Saturday morning every week. Any changes to this schedule will be posted on the main page and in the calendar. You can enter up to two weeks in advance (so during week 1 you can enter for weeks 1 and 2). This means that at the start of week 2, week 3 races will be posted.

Q: Can I retire a horse and breed it at any age?

A: A horse may be retired at any age, but the horse has to be two-year-olds or older to breed it. A gelding may not be bred.

Q: How long until a foal is born?

A: A foal is born as soon as you fill out the form to breed your mare.

Q: How long until I can race a yearling?

A: You have to wait until the start of the next year when the yearling will turn two.

Q: If I must board my horse at someone else's stable, do I have to get permission? Do I lose the horse to that owner?

A: Not at all! You will just need to pay board every week, but this is true for the horse in any location. You do not have to get permission from the owner to keep your horse at their stable, just move the horse there. Make sure you check the boarding price before hand though!

Q: Why was my foal's name rejected by the Steward/I got an error when breeding?

a. The horse's name is already in the simulation.
b. The name was inappropriate.
c. The name was longer than 18 characters.

Q: I'm too busy/I don't like this game, what should I do?

A: Please tell the Steward that you want to leave and your horses will be sold. You may choose up to 10 horses to give to other players if you wish.

Q: Why are real horses used?

A: For this answer, click here.

Q: Where can I go for more help?

A: Please visit our forum where you can find a ton of information as well as socialize with other players. Or, you can contact the Steward.