First, let us say thank you for signing up for either the Horse Racing Fantasy Game or the Breeders' Cup Edition Horse Racing Fantasy Game brought to you by Horse Racing Simulation, LLC. Over the next 30 days, you will be notified of some major upgrade features to our game including the introduction of our Horse Racing Fantasy Community. These enhancements will allow more interactive game play, including posting your scores live to our website and participating in tournaments as either the jockey or a player in our simulated betting game. At first, the information we send you might appear a little overwhelming, but we're going to take it real slow so all of our users can enjoy these great features. Through our Community, you will be able to discuss jockey strategies, simulated betting strategies, tournament strategies and whatever else you want to talk about when it comes to our fun and exciting game. And, besides, you'll probably make some great friends.

Starting in January, we will be sending out the first of our monthly Horse Racing Fantasy newsletters, which will include interviews with some of the top jockeys around the country as well as the fans playing our games. There will be video highlights, a little horse racing humor and general tips on how to play our game and maximize the fun and excitement that virtual horse racing offers.

We at Horse Racing Simulation LLC are all about building the ultimate virtual horse racing experience. Our goal is to create a cross-over between the virtual horse racing world and the real world of horse racing. Every month there will be opportunities to win great prizes including trips to some of the biggest horse racing events in the world or even enjoy a meal with one or two of the top jockeys or trainers and hear the most exciting horse racing stories imaginable.

Finally, users will also be given the opportunity to upgrade to Horse Racing Fantasy 3, the start of the ultimate Horse Racing Fantasy experience. This will offer more than 25 advanced features over the basic game including fun, heart-pounding, tournament play. With Horse Racing Fantasy 3, don't be afraid to kick a little butt and let the other players know who is the best. Yes, the prizes are great, but the bragging rights are ever so sweet.

Don't worry, you don't need to be a big horse racing fan to enjoy this game. So, check your email regularly and get ready to race, ride and win!

Gary & Mike, Co-Founders
Horse Racing Simulation, LLC
"Home of the best horse racing game ever!"

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