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Horse Racing Fantasy, Since 1999 Horse Racing Fantasy, Since 1999


Horse Racing Fantasy Game "Breeders' Cup Edition"

Our FREE game will allow players to simulate all 11 upcoming Breeders' Cup races. Utilizing past performance data, our computers have forecasted the probable outcome for each Breeders' Cup event. Players can watch the predicted outcome of each race as it unfolds on their computer while viewing amazing 3-D, full-screen graphics. Game players have the ability to upload the most recent available data from Breeders' Cup contenders' past performances to help ensure the most accurate predictions possible.

Players of the Horse Racing Fantasy Game "Breeders' Cup Edition" can also adjust each horse's individual traits including pace, trip and jockey strategies to actually help forecast more accurately the potential outcome. Setting up the same races with various scenarios helps both the novice and sophisticated handicapper to truly understand the realm of potential outcomes and the frequency of their probability, which can lead to more rewarding betting strategies. For the novice fan, this feature becomes more of a visual entertainment/educational tool, which can lead to hours of enjoyment and a greater understanding of horse racing.

Horse Racing Fantasy "Breeders' Cup Edition" also allows players to create fictitious wagering accounts and play out the races to see how their wagering strategies will fare. Because the race setups can be adjusted, there is an unlimited number of potential results leading to hours of fun and excitement. Long after the Breeders' Cup races are over, players can play out many "what-if" scenarios and how that could have impacted the race and its results.

Last but not least, is the Jockey Game where the player has the ability to ride their favorite Breeders' Cup horse and have that horse perform to its true ability. Imagine being able to ride the likes of Lawyer Ron or Any Given Saturday and see how your decisions as a jockey will affect the strategies of the other horses during the running of the race and its outcome. Your blood will be rushing and your heart will be pounding as you're forced to make quick decisions on how to ride your horse. During the entire race, you feel the level of energy, that same rush that jockeys feel when they're out there making these decisions, as well. Playing the Jockey Game is not only fun and exciting, to say the least, it will help make you a better handicapper while at the same time help you understand why jockeys make the decisions they do during a race.

With seven years in development and over 100,000 lines of code, the most eye-popping, amazing, 3-D graphics, Horse Racing Fantasy "Breeders' Cup Edition" will keep you entertained for hours at a time and always wanting more. Horse Racing Fantasy "Breeders' Cup Edition" contains many more features and opportunities. Experience and learn them first-hand when you play this incredible FREE game brought to you by the Breeders' Cup.


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