1) How do I become a moderator?: We discourage asking to become a moderator. Instead, help people, act mature and follow the rules. The mods and admins are looking for new potential mods all the time and an admin will ask if we want you to be a moderator. It is not necessary that you be a subscriber, but it is preferred (shows commitment to the game).

2) How do I buy a horse?: There are two ways to buy a horse. First, many players have horses on Auto-sell. You can check these by going to a town hall and looking at the horses for sale, or you can look at a player (the '?' by their name) then scroll down to their list of horses. Any horse that has a '$' by the name is for sale. The price can be viewed by looking at the horse. You must be at the player or, if they own a ranch with a barn, their ranch to buy the horse. The other way to buy a horse is if the other player offers to trade the horse for a certain amount of money. This can only be done when the two of you are on the same spot.

3) How do I capture a horse?: When you come upon a horse, it will show up on your upper right screen. Next to it will be a CAPTURE button. Pushing this will bring up a mini-game where you must catch the horse. To do this you must hold the mouse button down until the horse's neck is at the lasso, then release the mouse button. The lasso does retract, so you must time it correctly.

4) How do I get off this little island?: When you start the game you are on Welcome Isle. Simply talk to Welcome Willy in the cabin. He will tell you where a treasure is and how to dig for it. Then you can leave and see the rest of the world!

5) How do I get to Pirate Isle?: You must have 50% of your quests done (you should have the 50% Quests Completed Award) and 2 Pearls. Once this is done then there are two rowboats you need to find to get to Pirate Isle. If you don't know where they are you can read a book about the pirates in the library and that will give you some hints.

6) How do I get to Prison Isle?: Prison Isle can be reached by speaking to Griffon in one of the cabins in Earton. He'll bring you there for a charge of $100.

7) How do I make money?: There are many ways to earn money in the game. One is by doing quests. These include talking to characters in the cabins and shops as well as some mini-games. There are games spread all over where you can earn money. You can also collect objects or bale hay and sell them at one of the many shops. For more detailed information see: ECONOMY->Money

8 ) Is there breeding in this game?: There is no breeding. We have opted for a everlasting horse. This means that the horse will never die and you can spend a lot of time and money on your horse without the worry of losing that horse. Also, this means there are no 'unwanted' horses because too many were bred or because the mare or stallion is no longer 'needed' for breeding.

9) Where are the horses?: Horses are everywhere except for in the towns. There are more horses on grass, sand and snow in general. It is best to look for a horse in areas where there aren't many people, that way you have a better chance of someone not finding it first.

10) Where is the Horse Whisperer: The horse whisperer is in Mane Forest on the main Horse Isle. If you follow the road from Earton it will lead to to the cabin. The horse whisperer charges $50,000 to find a horse and $10,000 if a horse isn't found.

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