1) Autosell system: A player can put a horse for sale using the AUTOSELL system. When setting a price, do not put spaces or commas in the price. For example, don't type in 5,000 to sell a horse for $5000. This will end up having your horse's price be set at $5 instead. The Town Hall has a list of all the horses on autosell. These horses can be bought from a player when they are online or offline, if they have a ranch. If the owner has a ranch you can buy the horse there by clicking on the barn. If the owner does not own a ranch, the only way to buy a horse is to be on the same spot as them when they are online.

2) Buying a horse: You can buy a horse off another player in different ways. One is trading with another player. They will offer you a horse for a certain amount of money. If you think it is a fair trade, ACCEPT it. Otherwise ask to see if they might lower the cost. Another way to buy a horse is through the AUTOSELL system. Players can put a horse on autosell, then anyone who is at the same place as them can buy the horse, or anyone visiting their ranch can buy the horse (click on a barn to see a player's horses at a ranch).

3) Capturing a wild horse: When you find a wild horse, after clicking the CAPTURE button, the capture minigame will start. To get the horse you will need to successfully get the lasso around the horse's neck. Be sure to hold down the mouse until the lasso is fully extended and then release right on horse's neck.

4) Horses are hard to find: There are only 40 horses around the Horse Isle world. The horses are rare because when we did have many more, they were so abundant that wild horses couldn't even be given away. This makes the horses worth a lot more and makes having one more special.

5) How to find a wild horse: There are two main ways, either finding a horse in the wild or buying one from another player. Wild horses wander in grass mostly, but different breeds prefer different terrain so it beneficial to check the snow and desert. They stay out of all towns. When you find one you will have to capture it.

6) How to find out what horses are for sale: The best way to find out which horses are for sale is to look in a town hall. There will listings of all horses on autosell. Another method is looking at players. This is done by clicking the '?' by a player's name then scrolling down to their list of horses. If there is a '$' next to the name of a horse, that horse is for sale.

7) Someone caught the horse I was going for!: Wild horses are first come first serve. If another player catches a wild horse before you, even if you are right nearby, it is their horse. This includes if you paid the horse whisperer and he told you where it was but another player got there first.

8 ) The Horse Whisperer: The horse whisperer is located in Mane Forest on the main Horse Isle. If you pay him $50,000 he will show you on a map where every horse of the breed you choose is on the map. The horses do wander however, so you must get there quickly and do a bit of searching. If there are no horses of the breed you chose, the whisperer will charge you only $10,000.

9) Wild horses: New wild horses replace those that have been captured as well as those that have wandered for 2 days without being captured. Those that are released will be replaced in an hour.


1) What breed is the best:
This depends on what you want the horse for. Some are generally better at jumping while another would be better for racing. The main factor is training. For example, a horse or pony that you think would be terrible at racing could be great if you train it enough in speed and endurance. The horse's stats can be seen by looking at the horse and scrolling down to the Advanced Stats.

2) What breeds are in the game: This question can be answered by going to a library in any of the larger towns. The library will show all the breeds available, what colors they can be and a description about them.

3) What breeds are rare: No weight is given to any breed. This means that it is completely random which breeds are out there. No breed is more rare than another breed.


1) Caring for horses: If the horse's health gets to zero the owner gets sent to Prison Isle. To keep that from happening, feed and water your horse and keep it healthy and happy. There are barns in some towns. These are a place to water, feed and rest your horse. Petting your horse or giving it treats will also increase the horse's mood.

2) Experience Points: Experience points are an indicator of two things. This will give a hint as to how much that horse has been trained as well as if it has been entered in many arenas.
Experience points are earned a few ways. A horse will buck you off if you try to ride it before it has 25 exp points. Each time it bucks you off it will gain one exp point.

3) How to find feed: There are a number of feed stores around Horse Isle to buy different types of food for your horse. There are also hay piles scattered in different towns where, if you buy a pitchfork, you can pitch hay and create haybales. Apples and carrots are treats for the horse. Treats increase the horse's mood and decrease hunger to varying degrees. There is also a workshop where a player can make special feed for a horse.

4) How to get tack: Tack can be bought at equipment or gear stores in any of the towns. It is also possible to make tack. This requires collecting a lot of cotton and iron ore. There are workshops set up to make the different parts needed to put everything together.

5) How to make tack: There are leather pieces and leather strapping sold at select general stores. There is a workshop in Wington that makes many things out of iron ore needed for a saddle and bridle. A sewing workshop will make cloth while Rebecca, a resident in Carrotton will make a wooden saddle form. Everything can be brought together at the tack workshop in Witherton

6) Increasing your horse's mood: Your horse's mood can be increased by petting it, but this will also make your horse slightly more tired. Another way to make it happier would be to feed it treats. These include apples (found near Apple Trees), carrots (acquired by 'weeding'image and buying treats from feed stores in one of the many towns

7) Riding: In order to ride your horse, the horse must be fully tacked. The horse will buck you off every-so-often until it has over 25 experience points. The horse gains 1 experience point every time it bucks you off.

8 ) Training: There are 5 different trainers around Horse Isle. All increase the horse's stats in the specific area being trained by 10 points. The horse also gains 5 or 10 points of experience depending on the stat being trained. Below is a list of trainers and where they are:
Speed: Earton
Strength: Appleton
Agility: Treeton
Endurance: Hotton
Conformation: Witherton

9) Where to find water: Pails of water are for sale at feed stores, but horses can also drink out of the ponds. These may make your horse sick, so be careful! You may have to make a trip to the vet after a drink of pond water.


1) The top, under your horse's name: Directly underneath the name will be a description, if you have written one. To write a description click on PROFILE within your horse's page. Below the description will be the general info on that horse. This includes the color, breed, gender and height. Below that is the total experience that horse has earned. (See HORSES->Ownership for information on experience points)

2) Mount/Dismount: This is the button you push to ride your horse. It must be fully tacked (have bridle, saddle pad and saddle) in order to be ridable. If you are riding a horse all of your horses will show DISMOUNT when you view them. This means you don't need to remember exactly which horse you are riding. Simply click DISMOUNT to stop riding your horse.

3) Feed: This is what you click in order to feed your horse. The food available to feed your horse is only what you have either bought or if you baled hay. This includes both feed and water. The FEED button is only used if you want to feed your horse food that you own. Your horse can get water from drinking out of ponds also. This button is not used for that.

4) Tack: Clicking this will show you what tack you have available to put on your horse as well as what your horse is currently wearing.

5) Pet: When you pet your horse it's mood will increase but it will get a little more tired. This is one way to increase the mood of your horse.

6) Profile: This is where you name your horse and write a description. You can either pick your own name or there is a 'random name generator' if you are having problems of thinking up a name.

6a) Profile Stylizing: Colors and other stylizing can be added to your horse's profile:
this text italics
this text underlined

[red]red text[/color]

Available colors: aqua, black, blue, brown, fuchsia, grey, green, lime, maroon, navy ,olive, orange, purple, red, pink, silver, teal, yellow

7) Set Auto-Sell Price: This allows you to set a price for your horse that others will be able to see when they look at your horse. (see HORSES->Acquiting->Auto-sell sytem for more info). Don't use commas or spaces when setting the price and to take your horse off of auto-sell simply type '0' into the box for the amount.

8 ) Horse Stats: This is where the horse's basic stats are shown. This includes Health, Hunger, Thirst, Mood, Energy, Groom and Shoes. If your horse's health gets to zero or below (yes, there can be negative values) you will be sent to prison isle for not caring for your horse

9) Wearing/Tacked: This is what your horse has on. It must be wearing a bridle, saddle pad and saddle in order to be ridden.

10) Companion: There are pets, or companions, that your horse can have. These companions increase all of the horse's advanced stats by a certain increment. A description of the pet and how much it helps your horse can be seen by clicking on the '?'. When you click on CHANGE it will show you the pets you have available for your horse. Your horse can only have one companion at a time.

11) Advanced Stats: These are the stats that are most important in competitions. These include Speed, Strength, Conformation, Agility, Endurance, Intelligence and Personality. All have trainers that will train the horse in that specific discipline except for intelligence and personality. These two are random.

12) Breed Details: This is general information about the breed and is not particular to your horse. It tells the breed, a paragraph description of the breed, the height range and the possible colors that breed comes in.

13) Release Horse: When you click this button it will ask you if you are sure. When you click 'release' again you will release that particular horse. This can be done anywhere except inside the border of a town. The button will not be there if you are a town.

14) List of horses at the bottom: This list contains all of the horses that you own, if you are looking at your own horses. If you are looking at another player's horses, the list at the bottom will contain the horses that player owns. The horses of another player can be viewed by clicking on the '?' by their name and then scrolling down to the horses and clicking 'LOOK',

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