The Whitaker Family Presents - Horse life
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Get a living horse in your DS!

Presented by the Whittaker Family - the biggest name in national and international competitions

Your grand father is a former great champion, and is now running his own riding club. For your birthday he offers you your own horse as a present. Of course you will have to take care of your horse, feed it, clean its box, train it, and ride it. You are even allowed to participate in national and international competitions and become a great champion.

The game is about accompanying your horse from birth up to its best years as a champion. You need to closely interact with your horse, by interactions like talking, feeding and washing your horse; the liaison between horse and player becomes stronger. By learning jumps and controlling your horse you can unlock competitions and other breeds. You will prizes and admiration which will improve your horse¿s happiness and other skills. By winning competitions the player also earns money for buying numerous accessories such as clothes and other bonuses for your horse.

The Whitaker Family Presents - Horse life Screenshots
Choose from 3 breeds + bonus.
Choose name, coat and leg markings.
Make your horse happy - feed, take care, clean and ride your horse.
Improve your horse skills.
Train him for competition - cross country, jumping, dressage.
Become a champion vs fierce competitors.
Earn money and prestige.
Buy accessories, food, clothes, etc.
Follow your father's advice.
Full use of the DS features - stylus, touch screen, and voice.

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