Thanks to Tonno for pointing me in the right direction, we now know of a program that can allow GR2003 Attheraces players to compete in the ORLWorld's NTSC New Breed League. It is called PS2SIDC. PS2SIDC is a tool that can change the Product ID code of saved games to another. This is required to use the saved games from a different country than the one you wish to use it on.

We will have to experiment on it, but I believe that the ORLWorld Race Secretaries can convert the Attheraces PAL xport files' ID once they receive them to a NTSC ID. But whether it has to be done by the PAL senders or the NTSC receivers it looks like it can be done.

This means that you will have to purchase the Xport. This shouldn't be too hard since Datel, the maker of Xport is right in the UK. One UK online store called Play.Com has it.

The ORLWorld will be happy to host any and all GR2003 Attheraces players. You could still even compete in the New Breed Leagues' Inaugural Season. The last day of submitting horses for the second half of the season is December 28th!