The ORLWorld has been growing very fast in the past few months as many of you have noticed. Last year we grew by 200 members. At our current rate we could possibly achieve that again by late summer. This means that alot of new players are coming into our forums and need our help.

To accommodate both them and our Veterans I have recruited several new Moderators whos main function is to assist our members as best they can in playing the horse racing games that we support. Moderator training and the coordination of various other activities can no longer be done on an individual basis by me through emails.

I have created an ORLWorld Moderators forum that is located at the bottom of the General Discussion section at the top of our Board. It is visible to everyone at the moment, but will become invisible to everyone except our Moderators by the end of the day. In there a Moderator Hat will be created, plus announcemnts will be posted that will pertain to all of you. You will have a place that you can discuss situations and ideas that pertain to your positions as Moderators. If any Mod cannot see the forum tomorrow please put a message in my EZInbox and I will take care of it for you.

If any more of you would like to become a Moderator please post a message in my EZInbox. I would prefer that you have been on our Board for awhile so that you have some prior experience with our group and how we regard our members.

Some of you have Moderator status for individual reasons, but are not in fact actually moderating one or more of our forums. This will not pertain to you.