All of these Moderator positions that need to be filled are top priority. The new G1 Jockey 4 game is out and I would like to make sure all of those members are getting the attention they need. Also a new member brought to my attention that new members are not getting the kind of help in older forums that they require as well.

Obviously no one is an pro on G1 Jockey 4 yet, but I need someone who has the time and energy to assist the members in those forums as best they can.

I would also like a Moderator for the GR2003 and Attheraces forums as we have members who are new to those games and could use some attention.

I would need a Moderator for the GR2001 forums for the same reasons. Those of you who have played those games would definately qualify. If you are interested please help our new members sending a message to me in my EZInbox. Thank you all in advance!