This is the message that I found on my ISP's website when I went to check as to why the site was down after their server transfer over the weekend.

"Dear Customer,

While many accounts have been transferred to the new servers and are resolving fine, we regret to announce the unfortunate news that our former server provider cut our old servers without allowing us to finish transferring all accounts and data. We are working on getting account backups back, but in the event they will not provide them in a timely manner, we are going to recreate the lost accounts as soon as possible. If backups are provided at a later time we can always restore them.

We are sincerely very very sorry to any customers who might lose data as a result. This was not at all our intention and we have done and will do everything in our power to retrieve the data and restore backups for those customers."

So I have submitted a Service Ticket in hopes that these idiots at RCTHost can restore the site as soon as possible.
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